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I feel strange this evening. A bit like “Out of time”, unconnected, watching Major Tom while he does his thing, but he can’t come close to me, I’m in another orbit. No, I’m not spaced out, flying high as a kite ; I just sipped a bit of my usual drug, Silvaner nectar of GOds. I am not overtired, and hence seeing little white mice playing at my feet – butzibutzi havesomecheese … just a little sideways perhaps ?
I enjoy to drive through the countryside, watch the colours change, look into farm yards and notice small things that change – I observe other people’s lives, as I always did, it is what I learned. The subject is called “history”, “Volkskunde” it once was, now they speak about “European Ethnology” or “European cultural history”, or  just some other random combination of these silly words. It is always observing, allowing curiosity to take over, asking silly questions, but mostly watching in an alert and intense way.
Living second-hand it is not, simply because all this “doing” does not replace the own life. And watching always means trying to understand what is going on, what always means reflecting on or about the own “understanding” : What do I see, and how ? What do I understand how, and why ? Is it in me, in the object, somewhere else ? What values do I follow when I evaluate something I “see” (what means “perceive” in this coherence : It was “seeing” we were told to learn & understand, the leading ability to master), what is my own, what is acquired, and, of course, – where do I stand ?
What is me ?
I think any person who seriously wants to produce something like a text, an image, a picture, an object in what respect so ever, as an artist, as a scholar, as someone faintly interested in creating something, starts sooner or later to think about her or his position in respect to the creation and the others, that is the audience, the bloody rest.
This leads to the need of self-definition.
The self-defining blogger does a “MeMe”.
Some time ago – we live in a timeless age of unlimited digital availableness (at least we are told so, but those in command ( = google, or any other digital super-national entity) can change this very easily, as The Mistress and Leni suffered from !), so it should be no problem to look back at those questionnaires  – some time ago, I say, bloggers did “MeMes”, catalogues of questions that helped to better understand each other, to make some points clear, or simply to make fun of each other, oneself, or both.
I wonder who “still” blogs, I know this question has arisen some time ago. I only can say that it is people like you – who read this – and people like me – who write this. What came after “the blog” was “fatzebuk” and “Twitter” – both became really big, and thus instruments of influence for whatever : “Social media”. Always on short notice. Un-filtered. Seemingly. Abused and manipulated faster as one thought.
And so without any long-term meaning. It is not meant to stay, it is not for reflection, it is not for a dialogue. “Twitter” was some years ago brought to my attention by Cara, who seemingly used it very early. With all due respect to all users, I never could find out why I should use this thing.
I do not do “fatzebuk” because of a statement of the head honcho, who plainly saied that “privacy” was an old-fashioned and to be abandoned concept that had no place in his new digital world. I learned from an article that fatzebuk-employees are congratulated not to their birthdays, but to the annual date when they created their account. And that they are erased, really “snuffed out”, when they leave the company : This is “damnatio memoriae” on a new level. If it is correct what I read, then this ideology is a-historical and dis-honest to the core. I do not join this cult.
And blogging is different ?
Yes it is.
First of all because of the thin veil of anonymity that is drawn all over it, it can even become a coat if you do it right, and perhaps need to. Because of the form that allows something called “thought” to enter the blab. Because of the liberty one can take in forming this blogging persona, even when one jumped right on it originally. Time – and this is the essential word here – time will tell : Fatzebuk, twitter, whatzapp – they have no idea about time, they are an unending now only. This is not remotely connected with “life”, “person”, “individual”, “feel” & “truth” – all things that need to develop and change, slowly, but steadily.

GOd, I’m brilliant.

Now let’s have a MeMe. It is called the “Game of Fours”, Κυριε Νικος tagged me. Four questions, four answers each.

1. What is your favourite food?
2. What are your favourite drinks?
3. Places you’ve been?
4. Names that you’re known by?

  1. Kloß mit Soß (How you do it ; image)
    Gemüsereis (It’s rice with vegetables. There is nothing to show, sorry. Ad garlic and pepperoni, please.)
    Rouladen (Well yeah, that’s it.)
    Pudding, self-made (Do it this way, or use Doc Oetker. Anyway, contemplate the words “rum”, “cherry”, “Rosine”, “whipped cream”.)
  2. Water (Preferably cold, no bubbles. I still remember the taste of the water in my grandfather’s house.)
    Silvaner (A world to be discovered. My stomach hates red wine nowadays.)
  3. Venedig : Pure beauty.
    Kreta : A distant memory.
    Zypern : Tremendous, especially before they built all those roads.
  4. Eh ?
    (Hey, was machen) Sie da !?
    Bussischnucki (vernacular)

I invite anyone to play along with the “Game of 4s”, if you like it, why not ?! Thanks to Nikos for inviting me !

Don’t step on the mice, please.

And while we’re at it : Play it loud, please. Just so, let it bleed …



16 thoughts on “About Nothing

  1. Yes you are brilliant, and so right about FB, Twitter, et al.
    I have this meme to do too, thank you for reminding me!!
    Oh, and one of my very favourite tunes, which feels exactly right for this post.

  2. Thank you darling. Alternate possible takes would have been something from The Band – what I can not do now – or the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (think Will the Circle Be Unbroken etc.) but in the end its Mary Clayton who keeps me going & from falling apart totally.

  3. An interesting post. I know some bloggers felt let down when other blogging friends moved on to the give-it-to-me-now platforms.But some of us are still here, taking time to read and reflect and interact, via the comments thread.
    Yes, sometimes I find it difficult to sit at the keyboard and write something that I hope will be witty (I write my more serious stuf felsewhere, though even that is becoming more difficult!). But interest and camaraderie, at least among those sites I follow, is worth making some effort.
    And sometimes, some bloggers give us music! :-)

    Now, about those 4 questions…1. So much! I love Italian and Indian.But salads rate pretty high, too.
    2 Water, coffee and wine. But I like bubbles. Natural soda water or bubbly Prosecco, please.
    3 Many places are dear to my heart.I couldn’t possibly pick just one! Nenice or Florence (without the crowds!) Brooklyn, NY
    4Don’t think I have one. Maybe some people call me something I don’t know about.

  4. “Gimme Shelter” is my favourite Rolling Stones song even though I don’t like saying “rape, murder” when I sing along so I change the words.

    Merry Clayton’s vocals make the song even more powerful. Sadly, she suffered a miscarriage after the recording session; a result of the physical strain of the duet.

    “I turned it around,” she says. “I took it as life, love and energy and directed it in another direction so it doesn’t really bother me to sing ‘Gimme Shelter’ now. Life is short as it is and I can’t live on yesterday.”

  5. What is your favourite food?

    Fruit and plenty of it. So much that my doctor told me, “Stop eating so much fruit!”

    What are your favourite drinks?

    Water. Cool, clear water.

    Vodka martini. Whiskey, straight, no ice.

    Places you’ve been?

    I’ve been everywhere. But not Franconia.

    Names that you’re known by?

    The Mistress.

  6. I’m going to do this on my blog! I’m self-limiting my time on that other social media site (OK, the MITM strongly suggested that I do because it was making me crazy!) Thanks for the good music again and your very astute commentary on blogging and bloggers and the state of social media!

  7. Brilliant, indeed! Like our blogging friends, I too must concur with your (and Dinahmow’s) assessment of other social media. I will also appropriate this MeMe for my own nefarious purposes. probably tomorrow…

    At the risk of being stoned (no pun intended), I’m not a Rolling Stones fan and have little knowledge of their music, but the start of Gimme Shelter reminds me very much of the chorus of a (possibly) 90’s song (could be 80s), performed by a male who sings “who do you love” (I think). Perhaps those first few bars were sampled in this song I’m trying to think of? It’s driving me crazy that I can’t think of it, or find it!

  8. Yeah, I like blogging, because it gives me some semblance of anonymity and closeness to other fellow bloggers at the same time. It is a type of community that values independent thought and welcomes people. Other sites are geared towards superficial and immediate gratification–but they seem less authentic, and they lack the camaraderie and support and connections that blogging provides. But to each his own. Live and let live. I say, Go with whatever feels right for you. It’s your life and your time–Live it and spend it however you wish!

    I like your answers to the meme. You had me at pepperoni and rolled beef and pudding! Venice looks beautiful, but for some reason, all that water makes me nervous, and I feel like I should wear a life vest, as I’ve learned that city is sinking! I would love to see Cyprus and Crete! And I don’t care much for red wine–though I like the Blush/Rose pink wines, mostly from California. I much prefer Riesling when it comes to wines, and I’m a big fan of liquors like ouzo and just a simple cocktail like a screwdriver or rum and coke or even just a mimosa every now and then.

  9. These chicks are really picking Völlig Losgelöst LẌ.
    I think this qualifies me finally for the “Really Bad Pun Prize” (ReBaPu/r – ?).

    I did not know about Ms Clayton’s misfortune, dear Mistress.
    “Stop eating fruit !” – did fructose show its ugly head ? A banana too far ? Thanks to MsScarlet I finally understood the terminus “muffin top”. I think you once mentioned a visit to Berlin (it was Currywurst-related), and perhaps Nuremberg, but I may be wrong about this.

    I think the MITM grew a bit concerned when he watched you ranting against the screen, Savannah dearest. I think he is right, why invite the nonsense to your dining table ?

    The Stones are basically a hillbilly-band with a big sex-drive IDV. Very successful, even near eighty. (And the Mistress has a weak spot for “Keiff”.) “Who do you love” is a fifties’s stomping number by Bo Diddley (here, covered by nearly anybody who came later, Stones included.

    Well said Eroswings.
    But there is no need for nervousness in Venice, it sinks since it was built, and millions of visitors and giant superships dwarfing the palazzo do not help, sadly. But go there in winter and enjoy the cold beauty of the serenissima. She is brittle, farouche. And stunning even where she’s ugly. Be sure to have a compass and know how to use it.

  10. I love your thoughts on the difference between blogging and twitter! I agree wholeheartedly. I refuse to do anything like twitter, though I do have a Facebook account. I keep it tightly locked down. Only two people in my friends list I have not met in person, but like us, something ethereal persists.

    My Four:

    Favorite food: Nuts, especially Hazelnuts and Walnuts raw and unsalted.
    Favorite Drink: Rum and Coke with a twist of lime (known by the old bar hounds as a “Cuba Libre”)
    Places I’ve been: US, Canada, Japan, and India.
    Names I’ve been known by: Many names, I am prismatic. I reflect what needs to be seen or unseen depending on the circumstances of my environment. You know my given name and favorite face, it is enough.

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