Sunday Music

Tomorrow in the unreal hours between night and day, in this floating time in grey when all is not yet tangible but still more manifest than before, wenn der Erdrauch sich verfestiget, then I will step out, wade through bluish puddles of stagnant night, climb in, start the engine, and drive off into an uncertain future …
No, I’m not drunk – ich hab’ kein’ BOCK !
School vacancies does not mean that I am on holiday, I am just not driving the usual line. If need be, drivers are called in, happens seldom, but happens. Now it happens to me. So be it.
The last week was easy, I did some necessary things, and besides that I did a lot of nothing. Mainly reading.
I did not follow the news, I find public dick-measuring-contests pretty obscene, and nothing else is what these two, sad, little men do. I find it much more interesting – and plainly disturbing – what happened in Charlottesville, where the American nazis held their first pride-march since Rockwell’s (Ger., Eng.) death. One may wonder what will come out of this, whether it is the start of a new movement, or just the old movement The Leader is already running.
Let’s turn our backs on these nauseating proceedings, and listen to The Nat King Cole Trio’s version of Body & Soul as an antidote. I hope you enjoy the music, may the coming week be uneventful for all of us.



16 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Well, I hope tomorrow’s drive is uneventful for you, too. I would imagine that there’s not a lot of traffic around at the witching hour in Franconia (except for witches, of course – some of them are a bit wobbly on their brooms, so be careful)?

    Uneventful weeks are what I look forward to. This week is not going to be so, though – Inexcuseable’s just given birth, and it’s Cromer Carnival week (which means hideous traffic)!

  2. August is vacancy month, there is noticeably less traffic, one even has a chance to find a parking slot over ground in the inner city, and of course, construction sites spring up over night !
    More nieces & nephews for you IDV ! I hope all went well.
    “Cromer Carnival” – ? Seriously ? Then, I mean, it needs to find its proper place on the Carnival map of the world ! Because it has escaped my attention until now, but – what knows a Franconian about the carnivals of the world ?!
    Will there be pictures ?

  3. Yes, all well, thank you. A nephew this time – Inexcuseable’s first spawn, and a cousin to Indescribable’s Little Witch and Grumplestiltskin (née Babyzilla). I am preparing myself for copious babysitting as we speak, or type…

    It was said once, not too long ago, that Cromer Carnival was second only to Notting Hill Carnival (how true this is now – or even then – I do not know).
    I make all effort to avoid the carnival due to all the people – although, I might venture along the cliffs to take photos of the Red Arrows on Wednesday

  4. Oh dear … totally forgot this from last year, sorry IDV. And on the website I did not scroll down, so I thought “The Wildcats” would do … no idea that “The Red Arrows” would thunder over your head.
    I thought this would be a little “family affair”, but it surely is some numbers larger !

  5. Not into baby things myself, but very pleased all involved are well.
    I used to live opposite the starting point for one of the local “chapters” in the Notting Hill Carnival.Despite hyped-up toads in Fleet Street trying to stir up hatred, we never had any problems in 7 years of living there.
    Ooh! Red Arrows!Used to have lunch in a watering hole much favoured by some chaps from RAF Rissington.Looking forward to pics.Hope the weather behaves!

  6. Baby things are better left to other people, dearest Dinahmow.
    I can say nothing about the Notting Hill Carneval – simply because I never was there And frankly, feel no inclination to visit such a large thing, large amassements of humans make me nervous.
    It is a coincidence, but on this day, the 14th of August, 116 years ago, in the year 1901, the first engine-operated and controlled flight took place : The Franconian Gustav Albin WEISSKOPF (WHITEHEAD) flew Number 21 over a distance of half a mile & reached a hight up to fifty feet, in Fairfield, Connecticut.
    The rest is, as they say, (non-Franconian) history …

    No gingers involved, Mr Peenee. And surely no “wounded fawn”.
    BTW, how’s the rat-fighting going ?

  7. I thought this post was going to be the start of a poetic play, or movie script. And do hope you tell us about the outcome of the trip.

    I’m with you on not following the news, I find myself shutting myself off from the outside world more and more. What can I do about two old men and their penile egos? Instead I’ve been wandering the landscape of Japanese poetry and Zen concepts.

    So that’s what Nat King Cole sounds like – nice! X

  8. Last time I wandered a Japanese landscape I was a water drop, unenlightened as usual. I accepted to stay a dull drop. The more happy & lucky I am with sparkling visitors like you, dear Eryl !

  9. These Save-A-Deer-Whistles are a good idea ! I have no idea if they work, but is definitely worth a try.
    I still have a dog whistle (“Hundepfeife”) from my father that produces a very high sound we humans can not hear, but a dog can. If the dog is trained well one can can “call” him without that any other human may hear it.


    Mann, what one can press in two minutes and forty seconds …

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