9 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Left To Say

  1. Your email made me think, dear Savannah. I was about to leave a bit earlier to go to the post office, when I off handedly put his name and “Beaumont” into the search engine. His obituary was the first search result. I feel ashamed, maybe i should have done this earlier.
    I had listened to the music some months ago, was touched by it, especially the first verse “E un sogno la vida” (translation).
    And it hurts, always a new.

  2. Most people who travel the blogosphere knew Lewis better than I and for longer. But he was a special man and had an affinity for reaching out when needed.
    Safe harbour, now, Sailor
    Thank you, Mago, for telling us..

  3. My heart had been grieving for him since he posted last. I still grieve but also know he is at peace now. Hugs and kisses you you, Mago

  4. I believe that death is a doorway and not an end. Energy is neither created nor destroyed it just takes on a new form of existence. The big bang ignited the spark of life in this universe, but we don’t know what came before or what comes after. Where ever he has gone on without us, I hope he is filled with peace and wonder in his new journey.

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