Sunday Music

Due to circumstances this Sunday Music is a Monday Music. I hope you enjoy it nevertheless.
It’s a short piano piece by LISZT (Ger., Eng.), Trübe Wolken, or Nuages Gris, Grey Clouds, performed by Andreas BOYDE (Ger., Eng.). There is a very interesting version by RICHTER on youtube, but I did not link it because the coughing and wheezing of the audience is really annoying, exquisitely timed to spoil the most intimate moments. And in Andrè LAPLANTE‘s (Eng.) version it’s the pianist himself who snirfles through three wonderful minutes. I found it so disturbing when I realised that I was not longer listening to LISZT, but waited for the pianist to wheeze again. BOYDE’s performance lasts a bit over three minutes, than follows a terrible mood-killing advertisement, so be warned. (Best click “stop” at 3:05.)
The weather changed, I have headaches. The heat nearly killed my beloved computer. Things need to be done, written, phoned yadayadayada … I think I’m a bit in a mood. Grey clouds in the sky, rain & distant flashes last night, still hot today – its extraordinary quiet all around, no rush from trains or the autobahn, no traffic on the village street, maybe they all went South to sizzle on Italy’s beaches, Teutonengrill in full swing.
Looking at the news is particularly depressing, seemingly every hormon-driven completely brainless dumbo,  who can use a gun, feels the need to parade his hero-ness & worthiness around, best achieved by killing innocents, bystanders and people who dare not be part of the idiot’s religion / party / peer group / whatever.
The “enlightenment” came to a grinding stop 500 meters East of Vienna, there barbarism begins. Where is the promised comet ? The silly thing is long overdue, its time for a global reset.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I like the fact that the camera focuses on the hands of the pianist. If I have to watch a pianist, I’d rather see the hands than the face. I never heard of Boyde before. This piece is not at easy as it looks and Boyde does a great job.

    And what about Mister Zitti. That really rocked my boat. Thanks. :)

  2. I don’t pay heed to the news anymore unless I can possibly help it. Burying my head in the sand, I may be, but I feel happier for it.
    Although Nuages Gris made for a dark and atmospheric soundtrack to eating chocolate cake for breakfast (it was Inexcuseable’s birthday yesterday so we must now eat cake for every meal until it is gone).

  3. I’ve been sweating like the cast of Tenko in this oppressive heat, I can’t have the windows open because moths fly in, so I’ve been scouring the internet looking for a punkawalla with no joy. What a fine gift you have of predicting thunder storms with the throbbing pain in your head.

  4. But we are all your fans, Mitzi dearest !
    Yes, in this respect my head works pretty well. The rest … depends. Some nights it’s so hot that alone sitting at the desk makes one drip from sweat. I want thunderstorms, and Silvaner.

  5. I like the music selection, even if it does seem somewhat despondent. I hope your headaches get better and the heat lets up. We’ve been experiencing temps in the high 90s and 100s Fahrenheit in my part of the world, made much, much worse with high almost 100% humidity, so it feels like a sweltering sauna all day and all night. We’re about to hit the peak of hurricane season (the hard hitting ones usually show up late), but I confess, I’ll take the summer’s sweltering heat over winter’s freezing, numbing cold any day!

  6. I was a bit melancholic when I looked for the music Eroswings, so this shines through, yes.
    The climate you describe would kill me, sooner than later I think. Dry heat is bearable, but humidity – makes me feel as if I would be overgrown by mushrooms … And you are right, its still is better than winter’s biting cold !

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